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Country Homes with 5 Star Club - Taki Road

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Project Brief

To develop a English County Style resort / residential complex.
Development to be Environment Friendly as well as User Friendly.
Should have All Types of Modern Amenities.
Consumable FSI: 2
Type of Dwelling: 1 BHK Studio Apartment, 2 BHK Bunglow & 3 BHK Duplex
Vibrant Development of Residential with All Modern Amenity.
To develop a World Class Comprehensively Planned and Integrated Community.
To develop a Sustainable and Cost Effective Design

  • Specification

    • Site sensitivity – integration of existing contours and catchment areas as part of landscape
    • Site remediation – natural filtration for water and land contamination
    • Site betterment – rainwater harvesting and green roofs
    • Site accessibility – access to all amenities and better quality neighborhood
    • Building orientation – placement of buildings on site as a response to climate
    • Building form – building form as a response to climate
    • Water conservation – low flow fixtures
    • Use of renewable energy – solar thermal collectors and site lighting
    • Energy conservation – energy efficient lighting
    • Indoor air quality – low voc paints
    • Materials – recycled and recyclable materials, locally available materials

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